Hello, I'm 🌸Exorcist in Pink💮! You can also call me Colette.

First-generation college graduate

I'm the first in my family to finish a college degree.

I have my BA in Psychology with a minor in Business Management. I was also a research assistant at my university.

A Foreign exchange student twice

I was a foreign exchange student in Japan for one semester in 2018. I also did a summer program in Italy in 2015.

If it were up to me, I'd hardly ever be home.

A teacher and a writer

During the school year, I substitute teach at all grade levels. During the summer my primary job is writing on Medium.

My handsome boy Flynn🐈‍⬛

I have a three-year-old cat named Flynn. He thinks he's the head of the household. But whatever you do, don't pet him. He only likes to be petted for a hot minute.

I'm a medium writing on Medium

In 2020, I had to face an evil spirit that had been stalking me for most of my life. I also became a medium that year.

That time has taught me a lot. Now I'm a medium writing on Medium. My favorite thing about writing is getting to help others.

Posts ahead!

One of my most popular posts is . It helps you prevent demons before they can become a problem.

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